The Top 10 Practical Things to do to Survive an Economic Downturn… Implement Your Next Plan in In spite of Your Fears.

Implementation time is always certainly a mix of emotions, excitement and fear. It could be a bittersweet blend of heart racing excitement and at the same time heart wrenching trepidation. While some are able to balance out in spite of these two emotional activities going on simultaneously, some are not so lucky. They tend to find themselves at one end of two extremes. Very dicey scenario. While most would say fear is the evil that needs to be avoided at all cost, after all its often said and most agree that FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real. It’s perceived as having the power to kill dreams even before it gets off the ground or worse still power to take on “ Mo” my dear friend, just when things are beginning to catch on. By the way if you haven’t met my dear friend “Mo” please check out HERE… While these notions about fear are true I have another type of FEAR I work with. It’s facts engineered as reality. When you have all your facts, figures, i’s dotted and t’s crossed you automatically reduce your risks. This puts you in a position of power instead of fear because you’ve done all your due diligence. All facts check out. With this type of fear at hand you are in a good place. If there’s anything to worry about now it’s the excitement. I love optimism. But be weary of too much optimism. A little caution is always the wise way to go. I love the stories about burning your bridges so you are inspired to win the war but if you might need to jump off the plane please have your parachute. Have a plan B or C. Good and successful leaders always have a contingency plan, you should too. Your greatest weapon for success at this stage would be your emotional intelligence. The emotionally intelligent man would always beat the best skilled, most talented or highly endowed man hands down, any day. Certain emotional skills will always win the race, like working hard even when efforts are not appreciated or recognized. Doing the right thing without supervision. Ability to take control of emotions in spite of external factors. Ability to keep going long after others have quit. Diligence, persistence, tenacity, integrity. The more you develop these emotional skills the better you get at it. With that you are ready to implement your plan. Success is never magic. Clearly, well articulated, defined steps must be taken to win. Are you ready?

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