Is there anything like “the Nigerian dream”?
The American dream is a popular parlance i grew up hearing about and believing. The Nigerian dream? Not so sure… the Nigeria we painfully know is one where you don’t need to dream anything, just know the right person and you are “MADE” or better still you have “ARRIVED”…
While it is commonly agreed that we should have a Nigerian dream, the greatest challenge is in defining and determining what the dream should be.
I believe that whatsoever we finally agree on as the Nigerian dream as a nation should not be anything other than creating an enabling environment that will support and empower the least Nigerian to achieve his greatest dream. Through THE VISIONARY we are working towards a Nigerian where if you can DREAM it and DARE it then you can be sure to find the means to achieve it through our NATIONAL IDEAS BANK. Never again should a dream, an innovation go unfulfilled because there was no means to achieve it. This is the “NIGERIAN DREAM”. More to come …

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