Thoughts become things; decide!

I don’t even know where I’m getting the strength to write this right now because I am so exhausted. So work mode activated! But that’s not even when the drama started. So yesterday I’m upset, something burning in my heart like crazy, so I get two amazing women and I just basically rant, like it went on forever! They were so accommodating! Unbelievably went to bed in that mode but woke up at peace! I don’t know what happened but it was magical. Truly. Another drama that is so funny lately is the buzz on the law of attraction. So I’ve kept an eye on this buzz word for a bit now and it gets more interesting everyday. Humans are truly the most amazing specie ever and God must be laughing His head off right now. Why? Because there is nothing so new about the law of attraction. Some super smart person had to have put ALL THESE together duhhh! To think otherwise? I don’t know, talk for another day! But humans like it complicated and packaged in a 21st century way. So since like in Nigerian parlance “ WE NO DE HEAR WORD” this term had to be repackaged and sold for top dollars for humans to “GET IT”… well it’s your life, your dollars or naira so it’s fine to spend it just get it done and let it work for you big time. Let me tie this all together, it’s goal setting season and it’s a good time to decide on what you want and get all you need ready and then take necessary action. Right? So the question is what if you don’t know what you want, confused, not clear, foggy. No problem. Don’t sweat the small stuff, start small by thinking of one good thing you want to attract. Your thoughts become things. Your dominant thoughts become things even faster. If you are thinking it then it’s sure to happen. We are going to dig deeper into this tomorrow so you want to be here to get it all… people for thousands of years have attracted what they wanted and it worked and it can work for you too. You don’t want to miss all of that jist. Who did it work for and how you can make it work for you!

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