Three Places In Life Where Failure Begets Success

Failure doesn’t just come before success in the dictionary; it also plays an integral role in our development and heavily contributes to the engine that drives our successes.
Here are three aspects of life where previous failures shape future successes:
Fitness and Sport: There’s a reason why people who have participated in competitive sports make for great hires. Sport magnifies our weaknesses and forces us to make personal improvements in order to succeed. There’s no hiding behind walls or opportunities to blame others when one’s points, time, batting average, or touchdowns are readily available for others to see.
My Dad taught me that we learn more about ourselves when we’ve been knocked down than during moments of triumph. Not every day is a home run and our long-term success is a function of how we handle short-term failures. Few lessons have been truer in personal and professional endeavors.
Travel: The world at large is far bigger than the bubbles in which many of us live. Traveling affords us an opportunity to become more worldly. We learn about new cultures through interaction with locals, taking tours of areas of historical importance and through the oh-so-beautiful lens of cuisine.
If we think of our brain as a light bulb, each new experience brightens that bulb slightly until our mind is illuminated by more knowledge than we ever imagined.
Not every travel experience is a monumental success. We might witness atrocities and the sad realities of less fortunate areas of the world or succumb to illness while abroad (an experience that most of us can attest to!) No matter how positive or negative the outcome, we come back stronger for having taken a leap of faith and pushed ourselves outside of our comfort zone, even if doing so resulted in a short-term troubling experience.
Business: Not every business venture is a success; in fact I would argue that success in business is more on par with success in baseball. Fail 70% of the time (for a .300 batting average) and you might be a hall of famer!

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