Top 10 Bakeries In Abuja

On the Visionary top 10 countdown. Check out the top 10 bakeries in Abuja…

See who made the list and who didn’t…
10. vynara Bread
9.Mike Bread
8.Easybite Bread
7.Mama Cass Bread
6.Oceanic Bread
5.Bon Bread
4.212 Bread
3.Next Bread
2.Imperial Bread
1.Grand Square Bread
Everybody loves bread, even the strict weight watchers struggle with it. Good or bad bread is here to stay and is definitely a very lucrative business if you can get it right.
Empower yourself….
Imperial beats next… did you see that?
Nigerians voted,our local brands are doing just great.
GRAND SQUARE BREAD…NO1. DO YOU AGREE? lets hear from you.
See how naija’s voted

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