Top 10 Biggest Eateries in Abuja

Today on the blog we would be looking at the top 10 eateries in Abuja

See who made the list and who did not.
10. Mr Biggs
9. Chicken Capitol
8. Mama cass
7. Chicken Republic
6. Drumstix
5. Calabar kitchen
4. Kentucky fried chicken(KFC)
3. Southern fried kitchen(SFC)
2. Biobak
1. Jevinik
Eating out is now big business in Nigeria.So if you are going to do it, do it well.
Carve a niche for yourself.
SFC beat KFC… did you see that?
Nigerians voted, Our local brands are doing just great.
Jevnik…no 1… do you agree? Lets hear from you
See how naijas voted

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