Top 10 Hot Items To Sell Before Christmas.

Christmas will soon be upon us and there are endless opportunities for the quick thinking entrepreneur to make a lot of money. Most of the items on this list are items you can import in small quantities and resell at high profit margins.
No, you don’t need to have a physical shop to sell these items because social media has made everything easier. You can also set up shop in one of the leading e-commerce marketplaces in Nigeria like Konga, jiji or Kaymu.
Here are some items you can trade this festive period.
1. Backpacks
Backpacks come in handy for lots of people who will be traveling for Christmas festivities. If you have backpacks for sale at affordable prices, you will make money.
Some websites will allow you to design your own backpack, although it would be costlier at the end of the day than just buying backpacks from the market or from online stores like Ali-express.
Social media makes everything interesting these days so you can sell your backpacks online using your social media channels. You can also sell on online marketplaces like Konga, Kaymu and jiji.
2. Cosmetics
There is never a bad time to sell cosmetics; people buy them all year round. Many people are constantly looking for better cosmetics than the ones they are used to. This is where you can make money.
Look for cosmetics that are less common but better than the ones in the market. Then start sampling your products for all to see and buy. Also, if you have a large supply of a particular cosmetics brand, you can approach retailers and cosmetics to see how you can sell your products through them.
3. Chicken/poultry
This one goes without saying. Christmas means bonanza for poultry farmers and dealers. If you start a poultry farm today, broilers to be precise, you will be smiling from ear to ear 4 months from now after your Christmas sales.
Even if you don’t have a poultry farm, you can meet poultry farms and preorder their stock before everyone else does. Then you can sell them during Christmas festivities.
4. Souvenirs/gift items
Because there will be weddings, trads, house-warming, etc. How you are able to sell this depends on how creative you are in designing gift items. There are manufacturers on Alibaba who can help you with this. They have many designs which are not common here.
Think outside the box on this one. When you get the gift items you think will sell, use your contacts and relatives to spread the word about your products. Again, meet retailers and gift shops around you to discuss how they can help you sell your products.
5. Belts
Because they are belts, you can focus on belts for men, for women or for kids. Again, think outside the box, think quality and think cost. You can also order and sell other men’s accessories like ties, cuff links, stockings, etc.
6. Beverages
Many families buy them for Christmas travels. But just like other provision items, beverages are fast-moving consumer goods. They sell a lot but the profit margins are almost always poor compared to other items.
If you don’t already have a provision store or supermarket, I’d be very careful in buying this one. One thing for sure, though, beverages sell like wildfire on and off-season.
7. Drinks
Wines, beer, water, beverage drinks, health drinks, and many other kinds of drinks; drinks are good for festivities, relaxation, outings, name them. You can set up a bar or a wines & spirits shop. You can also import drinks and supply to market sellers. You can do a lot of things. There is money to be made in this.
Then again, like all things, make sure you have a ready market so that you don’t end up drinking all of it yourself.
8. Coconut oil
Coconut oil is fast becoming a trend these days. It was once the most searched item on Google Trends, Nigeria. People are realizing its health and beauty benefits; if you sell coconut oil, you will make money.
You can set up shop on Konga or sell on social media. Try to invest a little cash into branding and packaging your products to give it a more appealing look. Branding will also get people who like your product to contact you and buy more.
9. Motivational books
Motivational books are always fast sellers. People need motivation to prepare themselves for the coming year. Not only that, more people read now, or try to read, than those who don’t.
How you can make more money through this is to find books people are willing to read but not able to find. Some books are more common and readily available than others. Don’t buy Thing and Grow Rich or Rich Dad Poor Dad. Almost every bookshop has them; they are even available for free download.
10. Glasses
Yes, glasses are trendy, fashionable and lucrative. Like most of the items on this list, you can buy glasses from Ali-express in any quantity and sell on any platform you choose. You can even also have your brand name printed on the glasses. Helps to know what type of glasses your audience will need. It also helps to choose the best advertising platform and get maximum exposure to your products.
SOURCE: https://www.nextnaijaentrepreneur.com/top-30-hot-items/

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