Turning your Hobby into a Money Making Venture

Now, this is my idea of turning a hobby into a money making avenue especially when you have what we like to call the “green thumb”
It’s the story of De Fynne Nursery. Mind you, this is not a children’s nursery. It’s actually a tree nursery!
The venture started in 2001 by South African entrepreneurs, Jacky Goliath and Elton Jefthas, in Jeftah’s home backyard. I don’t know exactly how much they invested, but it must have been peanuts, because tree seedlings to get you started in Africa usually cost a few pennies. And then you just need a backyard and some plastic containers. That’s it for a start.(like I said before, you could start as a hobby)
Anyway,Back to the matter (in my wiz-kids voice..lol) De Fynne Nursery, their market demand grew fast and steadily which meant that they moved the nursery to a 0.5 hectare land in 2005, and in 2008 had to move again to a 1.5 hectare area outside Cape Town where they hosted 600,000 plants!
Today, the De Fynne nursery supplies its products to retailers such as Woolworths, Massmart and Spar in South Africa and it was reported that they since moved to a whopping 22-hectare commercial property. This is a simple start up idea on a shoe string budget anywhere in Africa where you have a booming housing & hotel sector and expanding city areas!

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