U.S. Airports Made Over Half A Million Dollars From Lost Change Last Year

After rushing to catch your early-morning flight, you might not have noticed that a few coins fell out of your jacket pocket when you passed through airport security. Sure, your loose change lying in the tray might not seem like all that much, but it certainly proves lucrative to the Transport Security Administration.
The TSA gets to keep all money left behind by travelers during security screening. It is collected, documented and turned into the agency’s financial office. Just how much was claimed across U.S. airports during fiscal year 2014? A whopping $675,000! Interestingly, people passing through U.S. airports seem to be losing more change than ever before. In 2008, loose coins collected in American airports “only” added up to $383,413.79.
John F. Kennedy International in New York made the most from complacent passengers last year with $42,550 of spare change collected. Los Angeles International came a close second with $41,506.64, while San Francisco International collected the third highest amount of change – $34,889.63.

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