From farming student to TV NETWORK CEO, who established BEN TV (Bright Entertainment Network) in 2003, the first and longest running African and Caribbean focused television channel in the UK, has proved that with one million viewers daily, anything is possible..
So recently i got a painter to do a small job for me. Paid him 2,000. He did such a good job. The next week i called him for a bigger job. Paid him 60,000. While he was at it, hubby had another job lined up for him.
A much bigger job… This got me thinking, i got this painter from a busy site. I kept him busy and well paid. I believe he’s still busy.
He is no graduate but graduates are busy looking for jobs,hungry,down and almost out… Why not bring your graduate A-game into the painting arena and one day you might own a paint factory.
Stop trying to work for the bank and get the bank to work for you. IKEA is carpentry. Start small but JUST START…

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