Vodacom Lists Unified Communication Benefits To SMEs

For Small and Medium Enterprises in Nigeria to experience exponen­tial growth there is the need for the owners to embrace unified communication.
Executive Head of Opera­tions, Vodacom Business Ni­geria, Mark Shoebridge told SMEs operators at the Nige­rian-South African Cham­ber of Commerce monthly meeting, that with unified communications, SME em­ployees do not have to be in the office to perform their duties.
According to him, they can access their system from anywhere with an Internet connection saying that by making and receiving calls over the internet, executing meetings using Video Con­ferencing and sharing files remotely, SME’s can signifi­cantly reduce their communi­cation, travel and operational cost; making them run their businesses more efficiently.
He said that Vodacom Busi­ness Nigeria has been in the fore on the adoption of Uni­fied Communications in growth Nigerian SMEs say­ing that the solution will en­able SME businesses speed­ily adapt to market changes, increase productivity and ul­timately improve their com­petitive advantage.
General Manager Cisco (Ni­geria) Limited, Dare Ogun­lade while also speaking on how technology can increase the productivity of Small and Medium Enterprise busi­nesses in Nigeria highlighted further the benefits of Uni­fied Communications (UC) to SMEs which includes cost re­duction on communication as the technology increasingly enables Voice calls, instant messaging, document sharing and video conferencing allow­ing SME employees work from any device, anywhere, any­time.
Ogunlade explained that Ni­gerian SME’s employ around 84.02 per cent of Nigeria’s la­bour force and contributes about 48.47 per cent on the nations GDP noting that em­powering this workforce with technology that enables them work from home, log on to a system, contact and provide services to their customers even after close of business goes a long way to improve the productivity of these SME businesses in Nigeria.
He also spoke about how Nigerian SME’s can improve profit margins by boosting overall operational efficiency saying this is especially true for businesses that have mo­bile employees.

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