What’s your own 4G Story?

So we all know this is 2020 right? Like we know right? So I had to ask that question twice just Incase anyone or someone, somewhere is already slipping into “NORMAL”. So for emphasis this is 2020 right? You promised yourself to do it differently right? Because you want different outcomes right? Good! All cleared up! So we started off this 2020 journey with our goals, plans, strategy for success etc. so we delved into what your goals should be right? So this one truthfully had me stuck for a few days. The how to write up the goal or goals wasn’t my problem, it was the why? That, I had to do a good, slow, diligent job of unpacking! Because if your whys are not clear then forget it. Big waste of time. So with my weary, tired over stressed self I couldn’t see my whys anymore. Surely they had to have been there at some point otherwise I wouldn’t even be HERE, but at that moment it was gone. Blank, nothing! So back to the drawing board I go and I start with good, old rest! Rest! So like your good old computer that gets really slow when it’s overloaded? That’s the human! Unpack it, declutter and REST! The speed comes back! The whys come back and sharper too! So with that out of the way I swing into action. I decide on the goals, set them and put them on timelines. All done, I’m good. But! There’s one thing you still have to do! The past is calling. There is no effective going forward without taking a good, honest look at the past and making a correct assessment. Nope! Can’t do it! So I know you hate the past and I do too but you’ve got to look critically at the past, what happened there? What went wrong and what went right? The wrong shouldn’t reoccur and the right can be better! That’s what you use the past for! Funny enough the act of looking critically at the past and sharing it with others has a very therapeutic effect. It also has a way of demystifying what went down because all of a sudden you realize you are in good company. So take a cue from me and let’s unpack it together. Share your learning curve with the world. I just did! Most likely you have good company.

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