You Can Still Improve And Make Progress

This is going to be a fulfilling week for you. Today, all your efforts will be crowned with outstanding success.
For some weeks now, I have been discussing improvements and that you that all things are possible for you to improve. Yes! I also will say that you should delete the word ‘Impossible’ from your vocabulary.
No matter the challenges you may be facing right now in your business or family, I want you to be optimistic that all things are possible.
You may be thinking that the year is almost over and you are yet to meet your target or that you are yet to achieve your 2015 goals. I tell you all hope is not lost. You can still meet your target and achieve your goals in the few days remaining in the year.
Dear reader, I urge you to be an incurable optimist, one who does not believe that whatever he wants to accomplish is impossible. All you need to achieve your goals and dreams is the application of the right principles or laws which many people from one generation to another have been practicing and have been getting results in various endeavours.
Law provides a fair play ground for everybody in any system but only those who understand that maximise its benefits. Universal laws have no respect for selected persons but everyone who has respect for it will experience its positive result. If the president of Nigeria and president of United States plant maize, the soil will not have respect for one president more than it would for the other simply because of the size of their countries economy or political power. The law of seedtime and harvest will respond to both of them without bias and both presidents will harvest maize.
Principle or law works for everybody irrespective of the nationality or gender. Leverage on the opportunity that universal principles provide and experience success you desire. Some of the universal laws may be suspended but they cannot be destroyed. You will always need another universal law to suspend any universal law.
For example, law of gravitational pull can be suspended through the law of aerodynamics. This is the principle that the Wright brothers leverage on to build the first flying object and the aviation business have respect for this law.
The biggest responsibility of a leader is to find principles or law to leverage for desire business result. Any business leader who does not understand the importance of leverage will burn out too soon because she will struggle in decision making. Principle or law makes business decision outcome predictable. You must look for point of advantage always and universal law is it.
There are facts about laws that entrepreneur needs to understand. One is that it makes life predictable and business success possible. Laws take life out of the realm of chances and put it in the realm of choices. Laws are levelers because they provide a fair playground for all, despite age, sex or status in life.
Obedience to principles brings providential help that result in miracles. If you are willing and obedient to principles then you will enjoy opportunity in any country.
Listed below are some laws or principles that can help any entrepreneur improve and make progress.
The first is the “Law of Progress”
This law says, “first within and then without.” The journey from grass to grace, rags to riches is first an internal trip. All progress remains at a point of rest until mental force is applied.
In the year 1998, I was a youth who was frustrated about life and was finding it difficult to succeed at attempt to get college education. Since I could not get into college, I opted to visit a public library every morning and was always there reading different management, economy, and leadership topics for an average of 8 hours for about 2 years. After I got admission to college, I consistently visited the library until I graduated and left the town.
Over time, I realised that my confidence and approach to life improved significantly and the outcome was very encouraging. My mental work gave values to physical work. Entrepreneur will make significant progress when she invest is developing qualitative mental model through learning consistently.
The second is the “Law of Desire”
This law says, “Success is for the hungry”. Desire means to crave for something with passion. Desire is business thought plus emotion. A.L William said, “I want it so bad, I can’t stand it”.
You create desire by painting a picture of better tomorrow in your mind. You should let your mouth water for the possibility of global brand business, no matter the circumstances.
The third is the “Law of preparation”
This law says that “success happen when preparation meet opportunity”. The key word is planning. Let me also say that the Law of time perspective helps in planning too. The law of time perspective says the longer time you consider in planning the better is productivity. Preparation is essential for any entrepreneur who will be successful.
The fourth is the “Law of responsibility”
This law says “you are completely responsible for everything and everything you will become”. Whether your business fails or succeeds is your fault. While I was in the college of earth sciences, one key indicator to extrapolate events in any geological setting is to find the line of fault, where there is shift in arrangement of minerals. In the same way, whatever shift you see in your personal life and business is your responsibility.
The fifth is the “Law of Suggestion”
This law says that whatever you hear and see consistently over time enters your heart and controls your mind. The advertising industry leverage on this law to market goods and services because the heart is the seedbed. You can guide your heart with all diligence because out of it are the issues of life. Practice self suggestion on what is possible with your startup and your long term projection. Talk to yourself, programme your heart for what you want to see and hear.
“With your heart you believe and with your mouth you confess to freedom”-Holy Bible.
Dear friend, everyday offers you opportunity and I believe this is another opportunity for you to experience a new level of success as you leverage on these laws. Be courageous to move higher.

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