You Want Business Success, Master The Workaround

Much of the success of self-made millionaires is due to their ability to get other people to act in ways that facilitate and support their business agendas. A lot of times this is direct. There are a wide and extensive variety of ways to overtly and transparently incentivize other people to act in ways you find beneficial.
The direct approach is plagued with conflicts and divisions. Thus, there’s the need for negotiating. For all the complications, this is the easy way to get what you want. The more powerful and often the more arduous way to get people to help you achieve your objectives is the workaround.
Many self-made millionaires generate enormous business successes by employing workarounds. In a workaround you’re bypassing the need to generate commitment to your objectives and agendas. Instead, you find a reason for the other party to do something that can address some of their needs and wants, which simultaneously helps you achieve your goals.
These other people are doing things because of enlightened self-interest as are you. The issue is that there isn’t a tight alignment between what you want to accomplish and what they want to accomplish. However, the goals need to be complimentary. The desired activities result in each party reaching their respective preferred outcomes.
The key is to first know precisely what you want to accomplish. Then, it’s essential to know what the other party is looking to achieve. At this time, you need to either be clever and creative or rely on workaround templates to get results.
Let’s say you’re looking to sell your services to “Firm A”. The problem is, they can’t afford your fees. Unless you’re willing to lower your fees, you cannot get the engagement. A commonly employed way for you to get paid what you want is to use a workaround template called third party financing. You need to find another firm – “Firm B” – that will pay for you to work with “Firm A.” Why would “Firm B” pay for you to work with “Firm A?” This can work provided “Firm A” agrees to use the products of “Firm B” instead of the products of “Firm C.” The math certainly has to work all around. Still, third party financing is commonly seen in certain corners of the professional services industries.
It would be great if the people you’re working with or for would get with the program. But, that’s with great regularity not the case. When the direct approach is or appears untenable, you probably should consider a workaround.

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