You’re jobless not for lack of opportunity but lack of creativity…. From a broken iPod to a chain of Mobile Phone Repair Shops (South Africa)

Take Axel Fourie from South Africa. By the time he was 27, he had tried unsuccessfully to set up several businesses. When his iPod was faulty and he was told by specialists that nothing could be done about it, he searched for a YouTube video online and learned how to fix the iPod himself!
He then put an advert into a local newspaper and offered to fix faulty iPhones and iPads. The response he got exceeded his expectations as he was flooded with calls and requests from potential customers. He knew he was onto something!
Axel opened his company iFix and started fixing iPods and iPhones from his university dorm. This was in 2007. Today, Alex runs a chain of 8 stores and employs 85 people. He has since expanded his business into manufacturing mobile phone accessories which he exports into 12 countries across Africa. Oh, we forgot to mention the amount of his starting capital. Here it is: Zero! (unless he paid a little for that newspaper ad).
Source: smallstarter.com
Frankly speaking, there’s nothing stopping you from achieving anything you want business wise
• Don’t give up
• Everything you need is on the web (well almost everything…lol), anyway there is literally nothing you want to do that hasn’t been done before! You just need to be inquisitive enough.
• You don’t need to to be an expert before you start
• Be creative!!

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